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Most of tonight's discussion was material I had no idea about and had not heard during Sheepdog, FBI or police training. A lot more in depth about equipment and rules of engagement that bear much hard thought! ... Great thoughts on the legal ramifications!

Doug W.

Verified Graduate

I especially liked how in depth he went into less than lethal.

I'm very much looking forward to next week. Thanks for putting this all together at a crazy low cost. I am very satisfied with what I've gotten out of it.

Brian S.

Verified Graduate

Awesome class, its like dipping your toe into the pool before jumping in and getting pushed in.
The immersion was excellent, it is such a large subject the four classes gives one the enough to get started in the right direction without getting overwhelmed.

Gregg Fischer

Verified Graduate

The class was amazing. A lot of the material was rehashing what we train our guys that are on our team now which makes me feel like we have been doing it right. My favorite thing/portion was the biblical references at the beginning and the lawyer portion which I haven't given much thought to. Yall did a fantastic job. Looking forward to more. 

Mike G.

Verified Graduate


Every month you can have a 1+ hour discussion with the experts where you can ask any security-related question and get an answer in real time. You will be able to learn from the experts AND from your fellow students.

The speaker is very insightful. He approaches the information in a very practical way. I really appreciate the simplified information, like the three things that you need to be present to use deadly force. I've been in a few classes and all that stuff was talked about, but he has it in a very simple and boiled down way. I liked that we went over less lethal options. He went into greater detail and examples than I've experienced in other classes; what to use, what not to use, whether you should use Less or Lethal. Can't wait for next week!

Nathan O.

Verified Graduate

I’m very glad to have been able to take part in the Legion is Michael class. I’m not currently active in any particular congregation at this time due to some unfortunate circumstances that occurred at our old church where my wife and I had been members for over 25 years. However, the knowledge I gained from this class will be extremely valuable for me to be able to become a part of an existing church security team or to help start a new team. 

Ken V.

Verified Graduate

Paul always presents material with excellent structure and content, and he always adds his personal flair and experiences.

So even when I thought, “oh, i think i know this”, Paul added insight to help cement the principles. 

David W.

Verified Graduate

I was truly impressed with The Legion of Michael class.  All of the information was absolutely critical knowledge that all of us need to understand and apply to not only our duties of providing security for our congregation but is applicable to our daily lives as well. After attending the course I would like to find a way for my entire church security team to complete this course.

Mike G.

Verified Graduate

 I really enjoyed the Legion of Michael experience. Thank you for putting this awesome class together. There were some really great topics covered in this class and much to process. Covering non-lethal methods was eye opening. I guess I have looked at my handgun as a hammer.

Patrick L.

Verified Graduate

Great LOM class, I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to next Sunday's class!I have started discussions with church leaders on how to approach safety at our church building. I did not know the stance on self-defense in the Roman Catholic Church.Thanks

Don G.

Verified Graduate



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